Why Do HR Services Matter?

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Human Resource which is also known as Human Capital is one of the most crucial assets of any organization and it is important to take utmost care of them. The people associated with the company should be considered and only then will any organization be successful.

If an organization wants their human capital to be effective, efficient and capable then the resource i.e. the employees should be treated as assets and not liabilities. Only then it is possible that people will come together and work for the growth and benefit of the organization.

Beginning from talent acquisition to talent management everything needs to be in place. Not only hiring the candidate matters but hiring the right candidate at the right place at the right time is what companies need to do.

After hiring the employees, their on boarding formalities, their induction process, their training needs and development sessions, their performance assessment and management, their retention and employee engagement activities, their compensation and benefits management, their labour policies etc should be in a state where both the management and the employees are satisfied.

The significance of HR services is India is way too much because while the company is busy with all other business activities, the focus on maintaining a balance in Human Resource aspects somewhere goes for a toss. For these organizations there are many HR consultants in India who provide various HR services. 

This gives a very positive outcome as the organization is able to focus on all the aspects at a given point of time.

What is thehrbulb?

We are a service organization and a team of expert professionals with a motto to be a one step solution for all your HR needs, you name and we have the answer for your organization’s requirement. May it be a small or mid size or a large organization. 

We aim not only to be effective in providing HR services all over India but we also believe in adding human touch to all our services. 

When you engage with us by showing trust we make sure to provide you with effective HR services, keeping in mind our three core values: 

  • Transparency
  • Security 
  • Punctuality

How can we help?

Ask us where we are not present, in simple terms we are OmniPresent in providing all types of HR services in India.

Following are the significant areas we cater to:

  • HR Advisory for small and medium enterprises.
  • HR Operations Outsourcing which include business process outsourcing, shared services outsourcing and applications outsourcing.
  • Recruitment Outsourcing starting from creating accurate job descriptions to defining the salary benchmark to scheduling interviews from our huge database of candidates to doing a final personality behavioural assessment of the selected candidate.
  • Employee Verification Services with quicker error free reports, entire coverage and all this while maintaining the data security. 
  • Payroll management with accurate salary calculations, employee life cycle management, employee interaction and taxation accounting.
  • HR Audits which include comparative, statistical and compliance approach. 
  • Labour Law, PF and ESI Compliance with legal provisions for women, labour laws pertaining to night shift, payment of wages and minimum wages act and workmen’s compensation act.
  • Employee Training and Development which begins with Training needs analysis, LMS Deployment and ends with E-trainings design and development.
  • Employee Engagement which includes various interesting HR activities, offsites, group tours etc.

Looking forward to have Effective HR services in your organization?

We are here to help you! You can always reach us at: https://www.thehrbulb.com/contactus.php

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