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When you need people for middle management, the choices have to be made cautiously, because these positions impact the productivity, policy as well as overall functioning of the company. We have a detailed, systematic process through which we find the most appropriate middle level management personnel for your business. Trust our executives to connect you with the most deserving candidates for mid-management positions.

Key aspects for middle-level managers

The roles might be different, like project manager, deputy manager, regional or general manager, but the basic criteria that they need to fulfil is the same. Having a strong determination to get things done, being a team leader, lending a vision and new ideas, staying updated about the latest industry trends and being a good communicator are the basic qualities that we look for in middle level managers. Apart from these soft skills, the other factors considered for mid level managers hiring are:

  • Product/ Service knowledge
  • Relevant industry experience
  • Salary graph
  • Readiness to adapt to new responsibilities
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Frequency of job change
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Our Recruitment Assistance Process

We have designed a funnel approach when it comes to recommending managers for your firm. This ensures that you get connected only to the top notch personnel for the jobs.

Leverage sources:

First we gather the resumes from different sources, apart from our in house databank. These are LinkedIn, reputed hiring sites, independent applications and referral records.

Resume screening:

Next, the resume is screened on the basis of relevant job experience, education and professional skills, location, etc. A stringent vetting process is followed in which our most experienced executives are involved.

Telephonic Interview:

After basic selection, we get in touch with the candidates on the phone and check their interest and expectations. Then we send them a detailed JD.

Reference Check:

Our team is proficient in doing a thorough background check for ascertaining the accuracy of facts mentioned in the resume. We contact the past employers and check the credit score as well.

Analysing Suitability:

An in depth analysis of the resumes is done as part of multiple-round screening. Time gaps in jobs and the reasons are assessed, behavioural skills are checked and work culture is matched with your organisation.

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