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Outsourcing your day to day HR hassles and formalities to an expert team while having sufficient time to focus on strategic decisions is a bliss for top management. We realise that it is integral to work out a full-fledged service agreement when implementing HR operations outsourcing. Hence, we facilitate the procedures and follow all the norms smoothly.

Advantages of HR Operations Outsourcing at thehrbulb

Cost Saving

There is a significant curtailing in cost of managing your human capital when you have outsourced the everyday work to a competent partner like us. You don’t need to maintain an in house team for the mundane and technical work. Plus, because of shared data resources, cost of finding the right people is negligible.

Focus on Strategic Aspects

When the task of handling your manpower is done in a hassle free manner by an expert, you can focus on the more important business decisions. Thus, small businesses can formulate strategies for growth instead of managing payrolls and searching for new talent. It is a huge saving in terms of time and energy.

Advanced Technical Resources

As the leading name in HR operation outsourcing, we have the latest technologies and applications. Our ‘software as a service’ concept helps you to access state of the art platforms for record keeping and appraisals. You don’t need to invest in IT research. Moreover, we have specialists who can handle every technical glitch without delay.

Flexible and Fast Service

The HR operations outsourcing services can be opted as a package, giving you access to rapid resolution of all HR issues. Services like recruitment and employee engagement can be accessed as per need, offering flexibility. As your personnel interface, salary calculations, appraisal systems etc. will be handled by experts, the work is done at a fast pace.

Types of HR Operations Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Human Resource operations is a major business decision as it impacts an organisation in different ways. You can choose from the following forms of outsourcing:


Business Process Outsourcing

This involves outsourcing the entire operations to a third party to reduce the manpower costs


Shared Services Outsourcing

In this form, only the administrative aspects of HR are outsourced, including financial transactions


Applications Outsourcing

Here, only the technical aspects are looked after by an external service provider

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