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What is Employee Engagement

Although the concept of Employee Engagement is often confused and overlapped with others, it is an integral HR tool that represents the level of enthusiasm and connection employees have with their organization. Technically, it is an outcome that mainly depends on the actions of an organization, driven by its leadership, managers, and teams.

Key focal points of HR Employee Engagement

Executive Leadership

The HR department is responsible for ensuring transparency in regards to each and every employee of the company. We at ‘thehrbulb’ helps companies improve their employee engagement by taking an executive leadership role and enhancing the employee engagement tactics within the company.

Employee Engagement

We at ‘thehrbulb’ understand the importance of employee engagement for a company. We assist companies in boosting their employee engagement as we know how to measure the engagement tactics, what steps should be taken to improve engagement approaches and which are the best possible ways to drive engagement.


We, the employee engagement consultants, know the importance of training for the progress of the company. We conduct training, guiding, and coaching for team and department managers to improve the engagement of employees, as engaged employees are more productive, customer-faced and profit oriented.


Activities improve the bonding among the employees and rejuvenates the workspace environment. Team at ‘thehrbulb’ introduces, implements, and organizes employment engagement activities, that fulfills the role of engagement humorist leading to excitement and inspiration to the process.

Advantages of Employee Engagement

When individuals are engaged, they bring physical, emotional and intellectual aspects to the performance of their work role.


Better Employee Performance

Employees perform better thereby leading to increased profitability and retention rate.


Greater engagement

Employees are more engaged which in return increases productivity and enhances workplace environment.


Enhanced communication networks

Decreases communication gap and connects employees by helping them tackle big problems as a team.

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