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Read About Off Sites and Group Tours

Why is there a need for OffSites and Group Tours?

Without an iota of doubt, happy employees remain healthier and are more productive. To ensure exhilarating working environment, team at ‘thehrbulb’ invest time and effort into making your workplace a more exciting place thereby benefiting your employees, teams, and organisations.

What we have to offer

Fun filled activities

Fun activities propagate creativity. Productivity and learning ability of employees increases with regular exciting and enjoyable activities. Our team helps companies to fill some fun in their workspace and refresh employees mood by planning and conducting fun filled and creative activities on a regular basis.

Team Lunch

Spending time with colleagues in a relaxed environment promotes honest and open discussion among the employees. Arranging team lunch gets employees closer thereby filling the communication gap. Team at ‘thehrbulb’ organises team lunch in an exotic restaurant and help employees develop mutual understanding.

Offshore Tours

Having fun with colleagues is a great way for employees to learn about traits, likes, and dislikes. This enables a better understanding of each other’s boundaries, strengths, weaknesses and also helps them communicate effectively. ‘thehrbulb’ organises offshore and adventurous tours thereby developing exciting among employees and let conversations going.

Festival celebrations

Celebrating festivals in the office leads to informal environment. It lets employees socialise and engage in proactive and incremental way. It also provides an opportunity to the newbies to blend with other employees. We help companies arrange different festival celebrations and shatter the myth that workspace is only for formal meetings and not for informal gatherings.

Team building activities

Team building activities help in improving the communication among the team members helping them understand strengths and weakness of their colleagues thereby contributing towards a strong team and help them tackle any kind of problem. ‘thehrbulb’ conducts team building activities on a regular basis and boosts the team performance.

Traditional day

Employees would always want a break from formal dress and would like to dress up in traditional clothes once a while and exhibit their tradition. We help companies and their employees present their tradition by organising traditional day and giving them a big break from boring formals.

Benefits of organising group tours and offsite tours

Having fun is one way of effectively managing and improving employee engagement and motivation. It improves teamwork, builds trusting relationships and increases mutual collaboration among employees (intra and inter-departmental).

If you aim to make your office bloom with an encouraging culture where employees would love to work, then assistance from ‘thehrbulb’ specialists is your gateway to a healthy working environment. Some of the benefits of availing our aid are:

  • Enhanced motivation and increase in creativity of the employees
  • Increases employee’s loyalty towards the company and also their productivity
  • Reduces stress and anxiety among the employees
  • Employee will experience higher job satisfaction
  • Improves the efficiency of your employees
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