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CXO hiring for phenomenal company growth

Appointing top management people who will stay at the helm of your business can be a life-changer. Your success in hiring the correct talent will go a long way in shaping the future of the company from that day forward for years to come. Our professional service for CXO level hiring support offers you the most high-rated database which is verified and updated quarterly. Find suitable candidates for your top positions and steer your company to new heights.

Scope of our service

The exclusive service offered by The HR Bulb(A Unit of EMarketz India Pvt Ltd) for hiring personnel at the top ranks of your company is comprehensive and skill-targeted. For CXO level hiring in India, we cover the following positions:

  • CEO: The chief executive officer needs to know every facet of business and be able to take the whole team together. We help you hire a CEO with ample industry specific experience and leadership skills.
  • COO: Second in line, the Chief Operating Officer will be an asset to your firm by supervising all the administrative and operational functions. We are proud to have the most proficient COOs in our network.
  • CFO: We help you find a Chief Financial Officer who can manage the entire gamut of financial responsibilities like budgeting and financial planning, credit, investments, reporting and audit, as well as risk management.
  • CTO:The Chief Technology Officer of your company will make sure that constant technological advancement is being done in terms of products and services. We help you hire a CTO who has mastered the art of innovation.
  • CIO: Chief Information Officer hired through our service will definitely be updated about everything that goes on in the company. He will handle all the information and technology related issues within the company so that you don’t have to bother about them.
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Comprehensive Process for CXO Hiring

Since the positions in C-suite are critical to any organisation, we take adequate time and caution while finding you the right fit. Here are the steps that we follow to help you hire hotshots without any risks and hassles:

  • Discuss Requirements: We first have a detailed discussion wherein you brief our team about your exact requirements, the nature of business and roles for which you are looking to hire.
  • Screen Resources: We access our current database, call up leaders in our network, go through LinkedIn and map industry trends to find the top 10 names that we can refer to you for the said position.
  • Shortlist candidates: From the names we provide, you shortlist 5 candidates on the basis of experience, education and soft skills.
  • Fix Interviews: We fix the interviews with the shortlisted candidates within the next 10-12 working hours. Since they are at leadership positions and already have some information about your company, the interviews are crisp and fruitful.
  • Hiring and initiation: We help you through the entire hiring process after you have found the perfect match for your requirements. All communications and paperwork are handled by our team. We provide support service even after the recruitment is complete.
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