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What is LMS?

Learning Management System or LMS is a system through which training and development programs are executed. It helps in implementation, assessment, documentation, and reporting of the training program. Every organisation needs effective LMS software that is suitable for its training needs and keeps its employees upbeat with latest industry practises.

Purpose of Using an LMS

LMS is a software used by trainers to plan and design the training module, communicate it to trainees, and assess their engagement and performance in the program.

By getting a LMS Deployment Services, the organisation saves considerable money as well as time that would have otherwise been lost in assembling learning material and making assessments. Since training work is done in an organised way, the learning modules developed by thehrbulb can be streamlined.

  • It keeps all employees on the same page by sharing the same information
  • As all the material is centralised, you can check which skill training has been covered and further plan the next course
  • Avoids duplication of resources and gives better results
  • It is easy to keep a tab on employees’ engagement in the training, by checking how much progress each individual has done on LMS
  • You can also use games and quizzes to make the training interesting

Pitfalls to Avoid in LMS Deployment

If you are not careful while planning and deploying a LMS, then it can lose the purpose and all the effort will be futile. Watch out for these factors:

Time Allocation

A proper LMS can take a few months to complete, so don’t rush with it

Content Overload

Don’t be overwhelmed with the scope of LMS. Include only the relevant information.

LMS Testing

Do adequate testing for any bugs or glitches that can hamper the implementation of LMS

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