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Navigating CXO-level opportunities can be challenging due to scarcity and privacy concerns. At The HR Bulb, we specialize in identifying and facilitating applications for such positions. Our expert team conducts targeted searches, notifying you of suitable roles discreetly. Upon your approval, we submit your resume for consideration, allowing direct communication with potential employers. We prioritize confidentiality and efficiency, ensuring a seamless process that respects your current job situation while positioning you for advancement in your career.

Scope of Our Service : Job Search for CXO Positions

Our service scope includes the following

  • Profile Discussion
    Our career specialist conducts a comprehensive discussion regarding your education, work experience, preferences for profile, industry, and location.

  • Job Search Process
    Our hiring experts meticulously search and curate CXO-level positions from across the internet, selecting the top three matches.

  • Opportunity Sharing
    We share details of the selected positions with you within a three-month timeframe, ensuring a minimum of three opportunities are identified.

  • Cover Letter Preparation
    Upon your confirmation of interest, we draft a tailored cover letter for your application and seek your approval before proceeding.

  • Application Submission
    With your approval, we apply on your behalf to the respective organizations and keep you informed throughout the subsequent process.

Job Search and Application Service Pack (CXO Level)

This package is priced at 19,999 + 18% GST =
23,599 and we shall be searching and sending your application to three open positions in three months

  • Subtotal 19,999
  • GST @18.00% 3,600

Amount To Pay 23,599

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Our Guarantees for CXO Level Job Search

Relevant Jobs

Relevant Jobs

Rest assured, we ensure only relevant job opportunities are provided. Additionally, you can specify company size by revenue during your kick-off call.

Secure and Private

Secure and Private

Your confidentiality is paramount; only our expert team is privy to your career plans. Applications are discreetly sent directly to HR Heads or relevant hiring personnel, safeguarding your privacy throughout the process.

On Time

On Time

Upon signup, we commit to providing a minimum of three relevant job opportunities matching your profile within three months, ensuring proactive support in your career advancement journey.

What Happens Next?

Upon confirming and paying for the CXO level job search package, we will acknowledge the receipt and send an invoice. Within two working days, we'll schedule a kickoff call to discuss your preferences and expected CTC, ensuring personalized service tailored to your career goals.

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