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At CXO level, the opportunities are less and it is difficult to get to know the right opportunity at the right time. Searching, finding a job at these positions can also be difficult to security and privacy concerns at your current job. At The HR Bulb, we locate, identify and help you apply for such positions. Our expert team does the search and when a position suitable for you arrives, you are notified for the same. Once you approve the position, your resume is sent for consideration and then the organisation contacts you directly.

Scope of Our Service : Job Search for CXO Positions

Our service scope includes the following

  • Understanding your Profile and Preferences
    One of our career specialists will call and discuss your education, work experience, your preferences for the profile, industry and location.
  • Identifying job opportunities
    Our hiring experts will search and scrape the internet for CXO level positions and select the most suitable three positions which match your preferences.
  • Sharing details of the opportunities and discussing
    We shall share the details of these positions (upto 3 months time) with you. We shall identify a minimum of three positions for you in a time span of three months and notify you of the same.
  • Preparing a cover letter for application
    Once you confirm your in-principle acceptance to the position, we shall prepare a cover letter for your application and send it to you for approval.
  • Applying on your behalf
    Upon your approval for the cover letter, we shall apply on your behalf at the calling organisation. We shall keep you informed on the further process by the organisation.

Job Search and Application Service Pack (CXO Level)

This package is priced at 19,999 + 18% GST =
23,599 and we shall be searching and sending your application to three open positions in three months

  • Subtotal 19,999
  • GST @18.00% 3,600

Amount To Pay 23,599

In case you are unable to fill the form drop us an email on and share all your requirements.

Our Guarantees for CXO Level Job Search

Relevant Jobs

We guarantee relevancy that you shall be sent relevant job opportunities only. You can even inform the company size in revenue in your kick-off call.

Secure and Private

No one, except the expert team will get to know that you are planning your next career move. Your application will be sent directly to the HR Heads or the person in charge of such hiring.

On Time

We guarantee that a minimum of three job opportunities which match your profile shall be sent to you in a time of three months when you sign up.

What Happens Next?

After you confirm and pay for the CXO level job search package, we shall confirm receipt of your payment and send in invoice to you. Within two working days, we shall intimate you about the kick off call where we shall understand your preferences and expected CTC.

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