Human Resource Management Services

Our comprehensive pool of human resource outsourcing services cover all spheres of human resource management and development. Here is a sneak peak at our bouquet of offerings.

HR Advisory

We provide advisory services that capitalize on opportunities and embed people into your business strategy to help you gain a competitive edge. The most dedicated and learned minds in the industry are at work to solve your HR related problems and provide you the most feasible solutions.

HR Operations Outsourcing

You can focus on your core business activities while we handle the entire gamut of operations related to human resources.; administrative, technical, documentation, etc.

Recruitment Outsourcing

Massive datasets of the well deserving and equipped people in every industry, effective communications and most updated procedures make us the most trustworthy name for handling recruitments.

Payroll Management

With our payroll management experts, we do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to the documentation and calculation of employee salaries and other remuneration.

HR Audits

Impartial scrutiny of all the HR functions, data, documents and procedures is something that our seasoned auditors specialise in. A detailed review of the HR structure and policies is carried out to identify even the minutest error.

Labour Law, PF and ESI Compliance

Complying with different laws and policies is mandatory; there is no way out irrespective of your size or industry. Our legal and policy experts have rich experience of guiding all legal hassles in a flawless schedule.

Requirement Outsourcing


We have built a robust and comprehensive HR panel for you that demonstrates our knowledge repository built on 3 strong pillars of experience, skills and expertise. We understand that organisations differ; and so do their headcount, resources, HR needs, and extent of other HR functions. Hence, we provide customised human resource management services to suit your specific company requirements.

Case Studies

We present a number of case studies that demonstrate how we helped our clients solve their current HR-related issues with our wide-ranging HR management services. These case studies reflect our customised solutions delivered with diligence and sheer pertinence. For instance, in one case, we handled the recruitment process of a startup firm struggling to get quality hirings for its accounts and IT departments. Fresher or campus hiring was another troublesome issue for the low-budgeted recruitments. We skimmed through our industry specific data, prepared an impressive company profile, drafted job descriptions and coordinated with the leading job search portals to reach the most suitable persons in least possible time.In yet another case, a mid-sized company aiming at expansion needed assistance for managing documentation and processes regarding PF and ESI payment, as well as legal compliances. Our experts had several rounds of meetings with the managers to understand their company profile, formulate detailed documents, advise legal status, and met due deadlines. We keep track of their benefit payments and file all statutory forms on a quarterly basis.

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