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What is HR Activities Management

Human resource departments are responsible for core functional activities of a company. Activities of Human Resource Management range from acquiring the right talent for your company, deducing services from people, developing their skills, and motivating them to contribute their most to the benefit of the firm. Easier said than done, each of these requires a system of process to be followed, updated and mastered with changing scenarios.



The objective of recruitment, a ‘linking process’, is to develop a group of potentially qualified people. You can’t just hire anyone. To be cost effective, the recruitment process should attract only the qualified applicants. We help you hire candidates who are fit for the job have the capability to add value to your business.

Training and Development

Training involves the change of skills, knowledge, attitudes, or behavior of employees. Whereas Employee development, focuses on future jobs in the organization. Team at ‘thehrbulb’ helps companies enhance the skills of the employees by conducting training program on a regular basis.

Payroll Management

Payroll refers to the list of employees that receive compensation from a company. Processing payroll is a very important function of any business. We at ‘thehrbulb’ can help the company manage their payroll effortlessly, as we have an adequate understanding of current regulations, detailed tax knowledge and ensure proper withholding and filing.

Employee and Labour Management Relations

Employee and Labor relations assists general management regarding developing, maintaining and improving employee relationships. ‘thehrbulb’ assist companies maintain their employee and labour relations effectively by resolving problems involving employees which stem out of or affect work situations.

Wage and Salary Administration

Wages and salaries are the remuneration paid to employees for work performed on behalf of an employer or services provided. Employers are required to deduct, commonly withhold, income taxes, and for other purposes from wages. ‘thehrbulb’ helps companies administer their wage and salary process effectively.

Performance Appraisal

An employee’s performance is evaluated after a certain period of time. Performance appraisal is given to those employees whose work performance has been exceptionally well. Our team helps the organisation manage the performance appraisal process by effectively evaluating the employee performance and providing them with the appraisal.

Salary Statistics for HR Specialists: What to Expect

The salary statisticians at ‘thehrbulb’ make use of tools like salary surveys to determine the median or average compensation paid to your employees.

The salary statistic service offered by us are relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of developing the same results on your own. Benefits of availing our service are:

  • Results delivered by us are more accurate
  • Helps you formulate company’s overall compensation strategy
  • Helps you ensure that your salaries and incentives are competitive
  • Ensures your company is in legal compliance
  • Peer customised report
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