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What Is E-Training Design and Development

E-training or online e-learning training for employees is a systematic approach to creating and implementing training courses by using specific strategies and models. It brings about a lot of flexibility in the course and lets the trainees access the course from any place, at any time.

Purpose of E-Training Design and Development

Designing Effective E-training Module

The creation of an E-training design and development program that inspires the learners, rather than tiring them, is something that our specialist instructional designers can handle errorlessly. There are several steps in the designing process, which need skill, resources and coordination from the organisation.

At thehrbulb, we prepare customised programs for specific needs identified for different industries or firms.

  • The first step is to collect information about specific training needs
  • Next, we gather all the relevant data to put together the components of the module. We check its coherence, and whether all relevant aspects are covered or not.
  • Coherence, coordination and content are essential ingredients for e-training to have smooth flow
  • Once the material is in order, we create a presentation using latest software tools to be shared with all trainees.
  • A test run is done to find out and eliminate any technical glitches or language issues
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Programme Objectives

To be effective, the e-training must be engaging and value adding for trainees’ knowledge or skill base. It must impart skills they can put to use in the workplace.

The objectives of your e-training program have to be aligned with the overall goals of the company. If the program results in better productivity and revenue, only then it is successful. Taking inputs from the management as well as trainee groups is important to find out the real objective of the program.

  • It can be for learning a new software or technology change for better output
  • E-training can be aimed at trainees who are in different locations, but require the same knowledge and skills. It is easily accessible from remote locations
  • Another objective can be for team building, where stimulation and games are used
  • When there is some major change in the work environment, then e-training program is used to familiarise employees with the new set up
  • It can be for enhancing communication between various departments

Training Methodology

There are different training methodologies that can be applied for e-training. First, we have to select the most suitable LMS to package the training program. Getting feedback from employees on possible course content, and platform on which it will be distributed is important.

  • Class room training program at designated time and place is the most basic format
  • Employees can be in their own work environment and get on the job training by trying our new techniques with assistance from the trainer
  • Social media aided training programs are in vogue for offsite groups
  • Interactive learning is again quite effective where quizzes, simulations, case studies, role plays and interactive games are used for training
  • Online training which can be accessed through email, videos and webinars
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