The HR Bulb offers Very low cost recruitment service in India

Pay For Each Interview Conducted and Attended

Pay per interview is a flexible engagement model suitable for startups and small businesses, offering cost-effective hiring without long-term commitments.

  • Start interviewing candidates within two business days with our pay-per-interview model.
  • Save over 65% on recruitment costs without long-term contracts.
  • Our services are available for all industries and regions in India.
  • Serving over 500 businesses with flexible and cost-effective hiring solutions.
Pay Per Interview Services
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How We Help in Pay Per Interview

Efficiently connect businesses with candidates through cost-effective pay-per-interview solutions.

Candidate Matching

Identify suitable candidates matching job requirements accurately.

Interview Scheduling

Facilitate seamless scheduling of interviews for efficient recruitment process.

Interview Conduct

Conduct structured interviews to evaluate candidate competencies effectively.

Feedback Delivery

Provide prompt feedback to candidates and clients for informed decisions.

How Pay Per Interview Service Works?

Pay per interview offers affordable hiring solutions. Here's a brief overview of our service.

Select a suitable plan of pay per interview

Choose from Standard, Advanced, or Professional plans to suit your hiring needs.


Select the number of candidates you wish to interview

Select the desired number of candidates for interview using the provided form option.


Submit Order

Complete your order and payment online, with the option to repeat for additional positions.


Conduct Interviews

After receiving your order, our team will contact you within two working hours to gather specific details and begin scheduling candidates accordingly.

Evaluate Plans on Offer

The three plans below vary based on the position you are hiring for.

  • Plan Benefits
  • Level of hiring
  • Years Experience
  • Pre-Assessment
  • Minimum interviews purchase
  • Set up fee
  • Number of Interview rounds
  • Experience Filters
  • Education Filters
  • CTC Filters
  • Cost per interview (CPI)
  • Standard
  • Junior Roles
  • 0 to 3
  • No
  • 5
  • ₹ 2,999 + GST₹ 999 + GST
  • Upto 2
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • ₹ 375 + GST
  • Recommended Advanced
  • Mid Level Roles
  • 4 to 8
  • No
  • 3
  • ₹ 5999 + GST ₹ 3,449 + GST
  • Upto 2
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • ₹ 935 + GST
  • Professional
  • CXO, Senior Hiring
  • 8+
  • Yes
  • 2
  • ₹ 19,999 + GST₹ 12,499 + GST
  • Upto 3
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • ₹ 2,715 + GST

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A Process Overview of Pay Per Interview Service

Our pay-per-interview service offers a flexible alternative to traditional hiring methods. With no long-term contracts or upfront fees, you only pay for the interviews conducted. We tailor interviews based on criteria like experience, skills, salary, location, and expertise, ensuring efficient and cost-effective hiring solutions tailored to your needs.

Understanding Requirements Of Our Clients

Understanding Requirements Of Our Clients

We'll schedule a call to discuss the specific requirements of the job profile you're hiring for.

Shortlisted profiles of candidates

Shortlisted profiles of candidates

Once names and contact details are masked, we'll provide you with profile details for your selection. You can then choose whom you'd like to interview.

Scheduling the interview

Scheduling the interview

Upon candidate confirmation, we'll promptly notify you of the interview schedule, including date, time, and location (online).

Further rounds

Further rounds

If you require rescheduling or additional interview rounds, we'll coordinate with you and the candidate accordingly, based on your chosen package.

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