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Details about Interview Outsourcing Service

Outsource your Technical Interviews, Senior Hire Interviews

Are you struggling to conduct interviews with your in-house team? You can outsource coding, technical interviews and interviews for other senior management hires to The HR Bulb. The HR Bulb will conduct interviews on your behalf and provide you with a recorded interview and a detailed interview summary.

Save Your Interviewing Efforts with E Interview Platform (EiP)

Create your company account

Discuss your requirements with our client relationship manager, sign up agreements and create your company’s account on our EiP.

Add Job Profile

Add a new job profile to your company’s EiP account and include experience, job description, ctc, skills, interview questions which you would like to include.

Add Candidates to the job profile

After you have finalised candidates for the added profile, it is time to add candidates to EiP with specific date and time on which interviews are to be taken.

Interview Reports

The HR Bulb will complete the interview process through Zoom and shall record the interview. The HR Bulb will upload the recorded interview and also a detailed summary of the interview.

Key benefits of outsourcing your interviews

Most hiring teams in large and small companies struggle to find the right interviewer for their candidates. When they get, they spend a lot of time ensuring both the interviewee and interviewer come to meet. And then whether the interview was in-depth and were all questions covered remains a concern. Not anymore when you decide to outsource your interviews to The HR Bulb.

The HR Bulb’s EiP (E Interview Platform)

EiP makes conducting interviews a hassle
free process for all recruiters.

Expert Interview Panels

Access a large pool of technocrats willing to take interviews

No bias

Candidate’s contact details remain hidden from the interviewers

Quick and seamless process

Just add the job profile and keep adding candidates any time and get the best of best chosen for your job.

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Interview Process

  1. JD Analysis

    JD Analysis and evaluation involves the valuation of the certain candidate on the basis of:

    • 1) Scope of Job
    • 2) Tasks Performed
    • 3) Responsibilities
    • 4) Work Functions
    • 5) Compensations & Benefits
    • 6) Job Related Skills Required

    Qualifications Required.

  2. Selecting Right Panel

    Hand-picked experts leading the hiring process to better understand the qualities of candidates.

    Emphasizes the skills set, mindset, approach, and previous experience graph.

    These professionals are designed to generate and enable you to identify the potential productive assets of your company.

  3. Detailed Report to Corporate

    The affirmed evaluation step to continue the hiring process. The detailed characteristic of potential employees is followed to narrow down the fit.

    • 1) Communicational Behavior.
    • 2) Technical Knowledge.
    • 3) Previous Experience Grounds.
    • 4) Future Approaching Aspects.

    Remarks of Panel Interviewer.

  4. Next F2F Round

    Stage to acquire the assessment of the following candidate in segments:

    • 1) Professional personality-driven.
    • 2) Focused to operate imperatively.
    • 3) Communicative skills.
    • 4) Management understanding.
    • 5) Diversified attitude to approach.

Benefits Of Interview Outsourcing

Expert Panels & AI Tools

Aligning experts and AI tools for the refined hiring process. We focus to provide the finest talent chosen by you and evaluated by us.

To refine, we utilize our AI tools of engagement & evaluation through behavioral and past experience understanding of the following candidates.

  • 1) Enhanced Initiation to narrow down the search of best fit.
  • 2) Precision & Adequate Info development.

No More Wait for Panel

Enhancing the flow of your hiring process by minimizing the delays caused for consulting & evaluation.

Now, make your choice of the candidate according to our best refined chosen few for your best fit in no time.

No Consulting Delays, No Internal Interviewers wait, No Technical Interview Waiting Hours, and No Feedback Delays

Productive Tech Team

Favoring for your benefit by enabling a highly-Professional IT Team to act as a productive and conducive part during your Hiring Process.

Enhancing the Hiring variables for your company:

  • 1) Elite Interviewers/Practitioners to deliver the finest candidate for you.
  • 2) A better understanding of your need to find the right fit for the candidate.

Best Pricing

No more heckling for bargaining with internal IT professionals, and consultants to perform interviews.

We deliver your flow, maintained delicacies, and effectiveness of the peculiar search for best fit during the Hiring Process at the Best Price.

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