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Best Details About Technical Interview Outsourcing Service

Outsource your Technical Interviews, Senior Hire Interviewers

Struggling with in-house interviews? Outsource coding, technical, and senior management interviews to The HR Bulb. We conduct interviews on your behalf and deliver recorded sessions and detailed summaries via our EiP platform for streamlined hiring processes.

Key benefits of outsourcing your interviews

Hiring teams often struggle to find suitable interviewers and coordinate meetings, leading to inefficiencies. The HR Bulb streamlines this process by providing expert interviewers and ensuring comprehensive, in-depth interviews for candidates, minimizing time wastage and ensuring thorough coverage of all relevant questions.

Expert interviewers pool

Expert interviewers pool

Gain access to a diverse pool of interviewers through The HR Bulb's EiP panel, covering technical domains such as Python, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Django, DevOps, MongoDB, MATLAB, AutoCAD, and more.

  • Additionally, our panel includes experts in finance, HR, marketing, supply chain, and administration.
  • Our interviewers meticulously craft precision questions to assess domain knowledge thoroughly, ensuring candidates undergo comprehensive evaluations tailored to their expertise.

No Waiting for Internal Team Members

No Waiting for Internal Team Members

Streamline your hiring process by minimizing delays in consulting and evaluation. Choose the best-fit candidate swiftly with our carefully selected interviewers.

Avoid waiting for internal interviewers, technical assessments, and feedback delays, ensuring a seamless and efficient recruitment experience.

Improve Organizational Efficiency

Improve Organizational Efficiency

By leveraging EiP, you not only save valuable time for your leadership or technical team but also enhance overall organizational efficiency. EiP maintains detailed records of interviews and offers unbiased feedback, facilitating informed hiring decisions and improving the effectiveness of your recruitment process.

Ease of use and low cost

Ease of use and low cost

The HR Bulb's EiP panel is user-friendly, requiring only 30 minutes for your HR team to adapt. Our competitive pricing ensures cost savings compared to in-house interviews, considering the hours your team would invest otherwise.

Streamline your hiring process efficiently and affordably with The HR Bulb's Interview Outsourcing Service.

Save Your Interviewing Efforts with E Interview Platform (EiP)

EiP is a web platform for interview scheduling used by companies.

Create Your Company Account

Create your company account

Talk to our client relationship manager, sign agreements, and set up your company's account on our EiP platform.

Add Job Profile

Add Job Profile

Add a new job profile to your company’s EiP account, specifying experience, job description, CTC, required skills, and any interview questions you'd like to include.

Add Candidates Job Profile

Add Candidates Job Profile

Once candidates are finalized for the added profile, add them to EiP with specific interview dates and times scheduled for each candidate.

Interview Reports

Interview Reports

The HR Bulb conducts interviews via Zoom, records them, and uploads both the recorded interview and a detailed summary for your review.

The HR Bulb’s EiP (E Interview Platform)

EiP streamlines interviews for hassle-free recruitment.

Expert Interview Panels

Access a vast pool of tech interviewers for your needs.

No bias

Candidate contact details are concealed from interviewers for privacy.

Quick and seamless process

Add the job profile and continually add candidates to select the best fit for your role.

The HR Bulb’s EiP

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Interview Process

  1. JD Analysis

    JD Analysis

    JD analysis and evaluation involve assessing candidates based on specific criteria outlined in the job description.

    • 1) Scope of Job
    • 2) Tasks Performed
    • 3) Responsibilities
    • 4) Work Functions
    • 5) Compensations & Benefits
    • 6) Job Related Skills Required

    Qualifications Required.

  2. Selecting Right Panel

    Selecting Right Panel

    Our hand-picked experts spearhead the hiring process, meticulously evaluating candidates' skill sets, mindsets, approaches, and past experiences.

    They're adept at uncovering candidates' potential and facilitating the identification of assets crucial for your company's productivity and success.

  3. Detailed Report to Corporate

    Detailed Report to Corporate

    Following the affirmed evaluation, we proceed with the hiring process, meticulously examining the characteristics of potential employees to narrow down the best fit for your organization. This detailed scrutiny ensures that only candidates who align closely with your requirements and culture move forward in the selection process.

    • 1) Communicational Behavior.
    • 2) Technical Knowledge.
    • 3) Previous Experience Grounds.
    • 4) Future Approaching Aspects.

    Remarks of Panel Interviewer.

  4. Next F2F Round

    Next F2F Round

    Segmented assessment stage for evaluating candidate suitability across various dimensions.

    • 1) Professional personality-driven.
    • 2) Focused to operate imperatively.
    • 3) Communicative skills.
    • 4) Management understanding.
    • 5) Diversified attitude to approach.
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