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When you have just sown the seed of a small business, you must put all your energies into expanding its scope and revenue. Or even if you are on the stage of relishing the fruits of your well-established business, basic HR functions are best left to an expert. Delegating attendance and salary functions to HR specialists lessens the burden and increases efficiency in the daily functioning of your firm.

The HR Bulb Attendance software provides employee daily, weekly, and monthly summary of work, login hours, leaves, and other benefit details. The platform provides a separate user and admin view where the dashboard itself will provide a consolidated view of all necessary stuff like the Latest Announcements, Leaves, Upcoming Holidays, Birthdays, and Anniversaries of any of the team members.

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Payroll Management

Details about the Salary Slips and Form 16 are provided in this section wherein a real-time update of salary calculation can also be viewed by an employee as the salary slip shows daily change as per the worked days of the month.

Missed Login Stats

A unique feature that is a must in this hybrid work model where employee preference is for working from home. At every random hour, the user platform will auto-expire the session and the user has to login again. If the login is missed or delayed for more than 15 mins, that will be counted as a missed login and will show the number of total missed hours for the day.

Other Benefits

These days a lot of perks and benefits are provided by employers to their employees. A dedicated section on the dashboard has been allocated for the management of the other benefits.

One Platform Multiple Results

The HR Bulb Attendance Software provides a one-stop solution for managing all the HRMS requirements.

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#1 Feature

All Latest Announcements

Announcements can be made on this platform as a uniform for all or specific for a work location as well wherein the administrator has the management on his platform to choose the display of the announcement as per separate employee work locations.

This is to notify you that the salary processing will be processed only in official salary accounts for all team members w.e.f March 2022. In case you do not have any official bank account, you are requested to kindly get in touch with the HR/Accounts team to get it opened for smooth salary processing.

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#2 Feature

Employee Missed Login Status

With this changing world scenario where work from home is quite a suitable and most chosen option by both employees and employers, our attendance management platform has a feature that makes it easy for employers to check for the daily availability or unavailability of a team member during the work hours.

The feature is named Missed Login, where, in every random hour this platform of the user will auto-expire the session and the user has to relogin. If the login is missed or delayed for more than 15 mins, that will be visible to the user as well as the administrator as a missed login and will show the number of missed hours.

These missed hours can be compensated by the employee as well and the admin will be able to track the compensation by checking the work details added by the employee.

#3 Feature

Upcoming Holidays & Birthdays

For organizations having different work locations, the holiday list also differs as per the state holidays or the gazetted ones. This platform provides easy management to the administrator to upload a holiday list as per the employee's work location.

Also, this platform provides a list of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries for the active team members which is visible to all i.e, users and administrators on their dashboard.

#4 Feature

Leave Management

The user dashboard gives a count of available paid leave balance with him/her. In order to apply for a leave, a user can simply go to the Leave Management section and apply for leave.

The admin dashboard has management that provides details about the top 5 leave takers of the month showing their count of availed leaves with the date of leave as well.

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#5 Feature

Payroll Management

As the name clearly indicates, the Payroll Management section will be providing details about the user’s Salary slips and Form 16. The user gets a real-time update of salary calculation on this platform the salary slip shows a daily change in amount as per the working days. Similarly, the administrator has backend management where salary invoice settings can be manually done.

Benefits of our Exclusive HR Service

Getting an expert team to handle your attendance records and salary calculations is a blessing for a new company focussing on growth/expansion. Our HR payroll software can pose as a hindrance to this process, which at ‘thehrbulb’ is a cakewalk!


The package we offer is customisable as per your fluctuating requirements. As you grow, we keep adding resources (or materials if needed).

Complete Security

The data that we maintain for your attendance and salary are safe with our highly secure servers

Cost Saving

We make calculations for taxations and bonuses, which can otherwise accrue considerable cost if done externally

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