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Juggling junior staff made easy

Hiring staff for junior levels is not as easy as it seems. There are many challenges that firms, big or small, face during junior level hiring and recruitments. The HR specialists at thehrbulb expertise in entry-level hiring, junior, medium and top management level hirings which helps them deliver dedicated services for each of their clients. Connect to us today to avail professional and timely assistance.

Common challenges encountered during junior level hiring

  • Attrition rate: Since junior level staff is always looking for better opportunities and fatter paychecks, they are more likely to switch jobs at the drop of a hat. Hence, the high attrition rate is a perennial concern.
  • Responsible staff: Most young people who apply for junior level jobs lack a sense of responsibility and ownership. Getting work done within deadline from them is a challenge. They can make mistakes too as they lack experience.
  • Training cost: When you hire junior level staff, they generally work under a supervisor. Training them for the specific job requirements involves time and cost. You have to provide some resources in teaching them on the job skills.
  • Professional talent: Getting people with professional skills for entry level jobs can be a challenge for internal HR teams who do not have a wide network. Even if they manage to get people, the salary expectations may not match your budget.
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How We Help

With our humongous database of entry level professionals, we keep a systemized updating schedule of their career paths along with quarterly enlisting of junior level staffing across industries. Our verified database of candidates helps you find the right fit within the right time frame and avail the following benefits:

We conduct a background check of candidates and ensure that people who join your team intend to stay on in the job. Our round-the-clock support further strengthens the retention rate.

Since you don’t have to go through hundreds of resumes, conduct scores of interviews and waste unlimited man-hours on recruiting junior level staff, your ROI increases.

Rigorous screening of candidates is done to find role-specific candidates. We understand your work culture and job profile, as well as behavioural skills required. Through a collaborative process, the most suitable staff with relevant skills and experience is selected.

We offer quick turnaround for junior level staffing. From the time you share your requirements with us, we can provide the desired staff within 2-3 working days, depending on the location and industry.

If you face any behavioural issues or sudden job change by the junior staff recruited through us, you can contact us and we will find a replacement at the earliest at no extra cost.

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