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What is Payroll Management

Payroll management is the tool through which all the remuneration related aspects of your organisation are handled. It is a however, a highly complicated tool. Calculating the remuneration as well as bonuses, deductions and taxation of each person is something that is best done by an accounting specialist.

Trust Our Experts to Manage Your End-to-End Payroll

Accurate Salary Calculations

We manage all salary related data and calculate gross and net payable salary

Employee Life Cycle Management

Right from hiring an employee to his leaving the organisation, we manage all financial transactions

Employee Interaction

Providing payslip, defining salary breakup, making monthly salary reports are also under purview of our service

Taxation Accounting

There are a number of components like TDS, PF and ESI that are precisely calculated by us

Benefits of Payroll Management Services at thehrbulb

There are a number of steps involved in payroll outsourcing services. While the actual task of preparing a payroll in itself is a hefty task, the information gathering to be done before it and the communication required later make it an even lengthy process.

A third party vendor, with expertise on the Payroll Processing Services, is best suited to deal with it. Here are some benefits that efficient payroll management will offer you:

  • Analysing data with a smart payroll software will save you a lot of time
  • Information management is much easier. Data like attendance, allowance, overtime, investment proof, etc. need to be maintained for each employee.
  • Payroll data is accessible at any time for calculating allowances or severance pay
  • Since the entire process is handled by an expert team, with the help of latest applications, the chances of error are negligible
  • The cost of having a streamlined system is much lesser
  • The data that you share with us is completely secure
  • We coordinate with various departments and submit necessary taxation forms
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