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We are a team of professionals having expertise in different working aspects of human resource management which is why we decided to help in making the process of getting hired easier for the young professionals who are seeking for THE job.


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What Makes The HR Bulb Career A Better Platform For Job Search?

Our journey as a team started in 2011 with a team of 30 HR professionals out of which 18 are still working with us and guiding our new hires. With a team of over a 100 trained consultants, we provide the following benefits to our clients.

Our Knowledge

Although it’s nothing to brag about, our expertise in this field for over a decade provides us with the professional insights for both start-ups and established companies whether small or large. It gives us a competitive edge over our competitors to screen the reliable job vacancies on our portal.

Salary Comparison

Many other job portals have companies enlisted without revealing the expected salary package. However, we understand that salary drives the decision when it comes to applying for a job. Therefore, the companies enlisted with us have to provide a salary range to make it easier for our clients.

For Seeker’s Sake

Our services are focused upon the job seekers only which makes us provide them benefits which many other job portals do not. We make sure to make the selection and job application process secure. The information and qualifications of the clients are not shared with the companies enlisted without their confirmation.

Honest and Transparent

We do not allow fake reviews or ratings on a company’s profile. We have a separate team to keep an eye on suspicious reviews to avoid tampering with the company ratings. It is our prime duty towards our clients to provide them reliable information on the companies

Features Of Our Smart Job Search

To match with the pace of young professionals and provide them speedy response, we provide smart benefits to our clients.


The website is mobile friendly, which means you can easily search and locate for interested job profiles available on our site from anywhere your mobile catches a signal.

Anytime Customer Support

Our consultancy team is always available on chats and mail support. You can also leave your query at our contact us panel and tell us your preferred time for conducting an on-call discussion to get guidance and consultancy.

Personalized Job Recommendations

Based on your queries and requirements, our experts can also provide you some personalized job recommendations that fall under your interest area and expertise.