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The HR Bulb

1 - 3 years Delhi, Bangalore

Key Skills
Job Description
Responsibilities Handle finalization of monthly accounting books, filing GST returns and TDS returns, maintaining Creditors & Debtors Accounts. Ledger Veritying & Confirmation, Bank reconciliation. Candidate should know the uses of…
2.5 Lacs Posted By , 11 Oct, 2023

The HR Bulb

3 - 5 years Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai

Key Skills
Job Description
Responsibilities: The profile will be about generating and validating leads through various social media platforms and owned web properties. It will require working on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other…
3 Lacs Posted By , 11 Oct, 2023

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What's People Says About Us

Jatin Singh

MK Consulting

It’s been 3 months since I started working with MK Consulting thanks to the HR Bulb consultants. I just dislike a few things which I think need to be mentioned by unlisted companies here and that is the working days. Like whether it is 5-day working or 6-day or 5.5 day. Otherwise, the company is good and I am satisfied.

Smriti Kalra

Regent Research Writing

The consultancy team is good, the job vacancies suggested are good too and it is great that you have this website developed for the job seekers. But I am sad that I had to go through the call consultancy three years ago. You should have started this portal sooner.

Amol Kharkhodia


I am glad I looked for a content writer's job on HR bulb. Within the first week, I got 4 calls, one of which was ELK. I am working remotely now, but I would definitely want to go to the office soon as it is hard to communicate and understand some points over call.

Jiten Surbhi

Regent Research Writing

It’s al;ready my 2nd year at Regent and although there are a few points I dislike (it will be a lie to say I love the company completely) it's still better than others. It’s my first time staying for more than a year at a company and so I thought to thank the team who got me here. Thank you dear team.

Lavanya Thakkar

Five Feed Learning

The browser is smooth and good at searching jobs but it was a headache to choose from one. It will be better if the companies are categorized in 3 star, 4 star or 5 star ratings. Thank you and I hope you take my suggestion into consideration. It will become so much easier.

Sumanth Rajan


Finding a job is really tough nowadays even with the daily emails about job openings (half of which are scam). I found ELK after 3 months of search and that too through a site I was not much familiar with (THIS AMAZING TEAM). I think the HR bulb needs to be appreciated more. Because as long as you get jobs, why not?

Subrat Debbarma

MK Consulting

It was a fun experience looking for jobs here. Easy, quick, and fruitful. I completed 10 months of my job yesterday and never once regretted taking consultancy from HR bulb. Amazing service.

Shalini Vyas

Five Feed Learning

I am a web developer and there are so many jobs for a web developer, I won’t lie. But every company which shows 0 years of experience required also rejected me because I was new to the field. At least the companies listed here like MK Consulting weren't shallow like those. Please ensure that the experience years are mentioned genuinely by the companies.